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To All Our Scinderm Customers,

Our Scinderm customers have requested for sometime, that we build a testimonial page on our website, so that they may write about their experience and results using Scinderm products.

I ask you to please comment or write your about your results using Scinderm.

I thank you in advance for your participation….

Kindest Regards

Tracey Nathan

Head of Education and marketing Scinderm


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  1. It’s only been a week since i started using scinderm product for my face to clear up the pigmentation and it’s working amazingly. I’ve tried many products before i found this product but it didn’t help.
    I’m now using 3 of scinderm product
    1. Kojiderm cream with lightning additive
    2. weekly brightening pads
    3 and Z plus SPF sun screen. This are the best combination by far for my hyper pigmentation

    Thank you Tracey you are a life saver

  2. Sharleen Pillay

    Thanks Tracey for an amazing product

    • Hi, After reading the reviews on the Scinderm skincare range, I am very keen in trying the product myself. I have tried numerous products to lighten the dark spots and uneven skin tone but none seems to have helped me, in fact they have made me 2 shades darker than I really am.
      I would appreciate it if you would recommend the products starting from a cleanser to a day/night cream and a sunblock.
      My skin type is IV – I am 50 but still prone to pimples that leaves dark marks even when they are not pinched. I have hyper pigmentation on either sides of my cheeks.
      Your prompt response will be highly appreciated as I am looking for quick fast results as I have grown fed up with these marks on my face.

      Thank u
      Mrs S S from Durban North

      • Tracey Nathan

        The Scinderm product that I would recommend for you is from our Scinderm Medical range of products. It will lighten you up by at least two shades. It will also help to treat your skin breakouts as it contains salicylic acid which is effective in dissolving oil. The product I recommend is the Kojiderm CAB Brightening Daily Pads – 60 pads/ with skin lightening Additive R 1600.00 Use once daily on a clean skin. Contains enzyme-activated Arbutin for enhanced skin lightening and brightening. Also contains penetration-enhancing Salicylic acid Fortified with Kojic and Ascorbic acids for chelating and anti-oxidant benefits. You need to use this with our Z PLUS SPF 45 every day. Lightening can be seen in as little as 9 days of using the product. If you are interested in purchasing them please email me at

  3. Greetings
    I have just perused your amazing website and would love to try your products, my problem is that I suffer with hyper pigmentation and have previously used a vast array of products but to no success, please can you advise me what products would work best to lighten my darkened pigmented areas

    • Tracey Nathan

      Dear Sonia,

      Thank you for your interest in our Scinderm range of products. If you have tried alot of products with no success then I advise you to try the following treatment regimen. Its is our gold standard treatment for hyperpigmentation and mostly everyone who has tried its gives us positive feedback.

      • Kojiderm Cream and Arbutase contains Arbutin: R 1 200.00 – Use twice daily

      This is unique because it contained three ingredients to brighten the skin; Kojic dipalmitate, Lactic Acid and Magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate. The cream works by halting the chemical reaction that causes discoloration of the skin. What also makes the product different is a an ingredient called Arbutin (Arbutase) is added at the time of purchase and is mixed into the cream. This makes it super strong and must be kept refrigerated for up to 90 days. Patients should use Kojiderm Cream for a minimum of six weeks, while in more severe cases, up to six months of treatment may be needed. “Most of my patients see results within six to eight weeks and that’s why they continue using it

      • Z plus spf 45 – R 275.00- Apply after Kojiderm cream and re – apply 5 hours later while on treatment.

      **** Brightening Weekly Pads – R 750.00 Can be added to this after a month or so to help speed up results – ONLY if needed.

      • H Tracey can you please tell me if Koji derm is meant to be used at night or during the day?

        • Tracey Nathan

          Kojiderm Cream or Serum can be used twice daily if not sensitive, if sensitive use once daily.

  4. Mrs Govender

    I have used Scinderm for the last 6 months and my pigmentation has cleared. I have used the Melanowash, Striking Lite, Herbal White and Z plus block twice a day and at first it was hard to see results and I persavered and started seeing a lightening after 5 weeks and has continued to improve. I want to know what I must use for maintenance or do I have to maintain? Many thanks Scinderm

    • Tracey Nathan

      Hi Mrs Govender, for maintenance use the Herbal white Cream and Z Plus SPF 45.

  5. Nereshni Gutta - Amanzimtoti - Durban

    i have been using the Scinderm Kojiderm Serum and Z Plus and my pigmentation has improved by 80% but have just 2 small dark spots left on each cheek, what can I use now to remove that last bit?

    • Tracey Nathan

      Dear Nereshni,

      Continue to use the Scinderm Kojiderm Serum and Z Plus and add the following to your daily regimen to speed up results and help remove the last patch of pigmentation on your cheek.

      * FAST FADE – Apply to a clean skin – Apply only at night – three (3) times weekly only – on dark patches only.

  6. Pamela Jacobs

    I have been using Scinderm products for 3 months now and have definately seen a change in my skin – bright, radiant
    and glowing. I will most certainly continue using my routine procducts of Melowash/Deep skin Cleanser/Striking Lite
    Complexion Cream and also Herbal Whiteneing Cream which is remarkable in giving me a flawless ,smooth skin.
    I have seen results and would vouch for these above products if used accordingly and now i have my friends wanting to
    try these Scinderm Producst as well. Good stuff, great results.

  7. Kharishma Singh


    I just wanted to say scinderm is an amazing product, I been suffering with pigmentation for years and now been using scinderm since late June 2013. The phenomenal difference on my skin has given me the confidence to walk out the house with just sunblock and BB cream, because i have used so many products i lost faith in the fact that something might work, so as a human i was sceptical about buying the product, however in less than 4 weeks the pigmentation had lightened up drastically, yes it will take time but investing in scinderm has been the best investment i have made and i will definately continue using the products offered. Thank you so much for an amazing product.

  8. Hi my skin type is. VI after my pregnancy it got even worse and I have tried many products but haven’t seen improvement.I want to lighten my face and my body pls recommend products I should use. Thank you

    • Tracey Nathan

      Dear Kele,

      Please try the following products to lighten the face and body:

      *MicroPolish – Use every second day to remove dead skin cells on the body. Apply All Bright & Even, twice daily to lighten the skin.

  9. I started using the Kojiderm Cream, Fast Fade and Brightening Weekly Pads on my Melasma on the 9/9/13 and the difference is amazing. The bad dark marks are gone now, how do I get the rest of my face to be the same colour? Can I use it all over my face ? Thank you Scinderm and Traci for my results

    • Tracey Nathan

      Yes you can use the Kojiderm Cream all over the face – twice daily. The Brightening Weekly Pads you must use once a week – all over. Leave on over night if not sensitive. The Fast Fade is NOT to be used all over. Its only for small stubborn dark resistant patches of pigmentation.

  10. Angeline Nyamhunga

    I had stubborn pigmentation on my face, I wasted money on other products which didn’t help..many thanks to kojiderm serum beta glucagon base cream.. , my face has cleared and glows…I now treating my hands and feet…thanks for he amazing product….

  11. Good afternoon Tracey, (Made use of your Website earlier, not sure if my message went through)
    First of all may l compliment you on your Website, it is user friendly.

    I wanted to enquire about what product l could from the Scinderm range to create a more smoother and less tired looking skin (Type III) especially around my cheek area.

    Kindest regards,

    • Tracey Nathan

      Dear Sherrylee,

      The two products that I would recommend for anyone who has tired skin with fine lines and needs a boost to make the skin look more youthful are the following products:

      ScinGloss Pads – 60 pads – Use them – once a week they last over a year. The price is R 1200.00. The ScinGloss Weekly pads offer a safe at home “mini peel” contains 5% TCA + 5% Azelaic Acid + 5% Salicylic Acid which exfoliates the dead skin cells, smoothes skin texture, reduces fine lines and enlarged pores. Powerful skin brightening and anti -ageing ingredients. Use them once a week and give your skin a boost!

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  13. Hi

    I have very dark underarms to the point where I don’t wear sleeveless clothes as I am so conscious. Can you recommend any product

    • Tracey Nathan

      We have had fantastic results with our Scinderm Medical products. I would recommend the Kojiderm Brightening Daily Pads R 850.00. Use them twice daily. If you want to speed up the results you can use them with the Weekly Resurfacing Peel Pads R 750.00 once a week.

  14. On the 12th of April I’m getting married and I have pimples all of my face,my hands and feets are darker than the rest of my body.Can you recommend somthing that will brighten my colour and get rid of my pimples while keeping my skin the same

    • Tracey Nathan

      Dear Soeh,

      I recommend the Kojiderm CAB Brightening Pads which you can use on your face, hands and feet. Results are seen in as little as 9 days use of the product. It will also help to clear your pimples on your face. You need to use this with our Z PLUS SPF 45 for best results.

  15. caroline

    Hi Tracey

    Im skin type IV and im thinking of purchasing your skin lightening products. I want to lighten my overall complexion. What products do you suggest and how many shades lighter will my skin get. Also do you have any before and after pics of people that have used your skin lightening products.

    • Tracey Nathan

      Dear Caroline,

      I recommend the Kojiderm CAB Brightening Pads to lighten your skin. You use them once or twice daily. Results can be seen in as little as 9 days.

  16. Tracey recommended the Challenge box with the trial size products, since I only have dark pigmentation above my upper lip.I felt very self conscious about it, as it almost looked like a moustache. I have now been using the products for almost two weeks and I can see a remarkable difference. Even my husband commented last night that I look different. I am sure that after this month it would be completey gone, although I am satisfied even if it just stays as it is. I want to thank Tracey, this product really changed my life and I would continue to use it daily.

  17. david ganda

    It works so fast. An amazing product indeed. I got so light in just five days now i feel like darkening just a little bit.

  18. Tracey Nathan

    Thank you very much.

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